At Jefferson's Laser Surgery and Cosmetic Center, we carry top of the line skin care products that were carefully chosen by Dr. Saedi herself. Whether you want to heal and maintain skin post-procedure or develop a beauty routine to keep your skin looking it's best everyday, these products were designed to do that and more.

The EltaMD skincare product line includes deep yet gentle cleansers, intense moisturizers and innovative formulas that repair the visible signs of aging.

ALASTIN's innovative, scientifically tested and physician prescribed skin care products correct, protect and regenerate both collagen and elastin. Formulated with a proprietary combination of key peptides and other synergistic ingredients which are clinically tested to demonstrate their ability  to help reawaken the skin's youthful regenerating processes.

Visible results are delivered through products that exceed expectations. SkinBetter's formulas not only deliver measurable benefits, but they also treat you to a sumptuous and pampering sensorial experience. The science inside each bottle is developed with a single goal: to deliver radiant, youthful skin that reflects the beauty of science.

Since 1980 Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories’ (DCL) scientists have closely collaborated with physicians to create targeted and innovative skincare formulations for some of the best, brightest and most venerated names in aesthetic skincare, including renowned dermatologists, global top-selling brands and influential retailers.

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